“In Good Time…”

by A_F_R_O_W

There comes a time,

when urgency has passed.

False Expectations Appearing Real,


Into the ether of Love,


Knowledge of mind,

settles into the new home,

of Heart…

When skin does not hold in,

nor tether you to ‘limit’,


becomes the precious vehicle,

propelling you to Greatness.

No more,

definitions of magnitude,

taking precedence.

When recognition, not relied upon,

is by-product,

of shared Blessing.

When Motivation waves Intention onward and upward…

Where Light is presence,

in spheres of influence…

… and Life spares no expense,

in gifting Honour…

but swims to depths and lengths,

his Brothers and Sisters to lift…

… bench-pressing gratitude of incremental weight,

’til the Soul sweats.

There comes a time, when this is Eternity…

and it is now, dawning,

that this kind of

Faith, Hope and Charity

is, truly,

the best that it gets…



©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.