Black Girl on the Front Row!



In praise, of you,

I lift a prayer,

of reverence,

in deference,

to your, enlightened, presence.

For, you,

fill the air,

with Spirit,

Who defeats the darkness,

hanging there.

Denouncing it,


cast it down.

For, you,

are the destruction,

of its, prowling, motivation,

to rebuke the Good.

You, transform the mood.

Through you,

the atmosphere, is cleansed.

Hearts, broken,


For, your Love,

is pure.

You do not pretend.

Have no need,

to blend agendas,

nor, incentives,


And, with you,

I announce, “the Turn-Around”.

Declaring, that,


will turn out,

as it should…

from, Beginning,

through, Middle,

to, Everlasting, End.



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“The Blessing”

Thank you,

for not suppressing

the Blessing.

For confessing,


that which

Faith, Hope and Love mean,

through decompressing

your Soul.

For yielding control


the dreams,

on your Heart.

Thank you,

for, simply,

having the courage,

to start.

For sharing the secrets,

the how-to’s,

with others,

without spin.

Thank you,

for letting us in.

For fighting the impulse

to stay

in a comfort zone.

For going it,


with Grace and with Truth.

Thank you for owning it.

The Gifting,

in which you fit,

so perfectly.

Righteously giving,

of your special blend..

and defeating the urge,

to make a mere brand,

from the honour

of Living.

Thank you,

for leading the way.

For showing the passion

to keep digging in,

when many,

would choose not to stay.

Thank you,

for knowing the time

to move on,

when the growing,

from the present season,

is done

and committing,

to unknown horizons,

to help,

without need, for a reason.

Thank you,

for all that you are…


for all, that you do

The World,

would be less than,

if it were not present,

and filled,

with the Blessing

of you.



All Rights Reserved.

“Tell Your Heroes”

Do not spend them,


in thought.

Let those waters flow,

with words,

that cannot be

for any other.


in wholes,

not, thirds.

Sound the sentiments,

which stem,

from elemental



do it,


Knock fear,


Let those machinations,

from the brain,

be filtered,

by the Heart..

… and point them,

in direction of

the root


your affection.



no longer,



is the attitude,

to take.

The stance, you make,

to bless your source

of inspiration.

Leave them, gratified…


not a modicum

of room,

for doubt.


dear, friend

Tell every hero,



you Love them.

Get it out!

It could be


most crucial


that you,







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“In Good Time…”

There comes a time,

when urgency has passed.

False Expectations Appearing Real,


Into the ether of Love,


Knowledge of mind,

settles into the new home,

of Heart…

When skin does not hold in,

nor tether you to ‘limit’,


becomes the precious vehicle,

propelling you to Greatness.

No more,

definitions of magnitude,

taking precedence.

When recognition, not relied upon,

is by-product,

of shared Blessing.

When Motivation waves Intention onward and upward…

Where Light is presence,

in spheres of influence…

… and Life spares no expense,

in gifting Honour…

but swims to depths and lengths,

his Brothers and Sisters to lift…

… bench-pressing gratitude of incremental weight,

’til the Soul sweats.

There comes a time, when this is Eternity…

and it is now, dawning,

that this kind of

Faith, Hope and Charity

is, truly,

the best that it gets…



©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.






“Know You’re North”

Delicately poised,

midst fortitude and faith.

An example of greater good

and hope, to so many.

Wide-eyed brilliance,

tempered, only, by hunger and thirst

for that which is right.

In upper and lower case,

no shift from authenticity.

No dilution of gift.

No diminution of the hundred percent.

Signalling determined destiny,

to hand out the helping heart

when shouts of ruby-red flare up,

breeding anticipation,

from those, in full glare

of such steady power.

For this,

and so much more,

know you’re north…

… that, in every hour,

 uncommon bliss, you share.


A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.

“North Star”

You are my North Star.

Perpendicular strength, through Ages.

You are rocked by none.

My galaxy of Wisdom.

My odyssey of emotions.

Your voice,

the ointment to my heartache.

The Everlasting arms,

to cradle me through lows

and loft me to highs.

I remember,

enduring moonbeams of eye contact…

…how firebrand-Love was etched into my neural pathways,

formed by distinct determinants

of leading, mentoring, truth-telling.

Walking me forward, just like you talked it.

Laughter tinkled the ivories of your rearing repertoire.

Sweet tea and cake, your call to arms,

if threats to Peace took hold

within our dwelling.

You were brewed to be Strong.


you were, are and always will be

the land, wherein I make my Home.

Security, now Eternity…

… I see you hold court in your mansion.

I live life, like it’s golden,

because you coloured it so boldly…

and go,

where, before, I have never been.

You are constant.

The Star,

with top billing,

upon my internal movie screen…

…all Monroe-matinée looks, as you had on this plane.

No longer tired.

Light as the air you inhabit.


as I stir my mental cup, filled to the brim with you,

spilling over, in my brain,

 I sit…

…dedicate morning moments

to the magic of our connection

and, by Grace,

always feel your Presence and Protection

coming through,

as the most Divine, angelic refrain…

never more Real… more True.


©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved

“Strings Attached…”


Long-and-drawn-out love-on-gut,

cross-hatched by hairs which

bow to no-one,

bend to tempo…

comb through collective memory.

Intersect dissected moments,


driving through vibrato…

…sounding boards for wholeness.

Milliseconds moving mountains,

making annuals out of annals.

Sonically-compressed renewals,

now derived from hidden subs.

Tariffs torn from manuscript emotions.

Tactile tears can fall and land,

lithe and direct.

Minute waltz of wiped-away elation.

Instant appreciation…

… a tranquil composer has talked through the trill.


©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.


Creative Arts go OFF-the-BEAT-en track!

All roads led to ‘The Oval Space’, in Bethnal Green, last night, for one of the most anticipated of multi-media mash-ups on the Creative-Arts Calendar, namely, ‘The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013’! You might remember that I was more-than-a-tad excited at the prospect of attending the event, which was presented by ‘öffbeat’, the Arts lifestyle brand… Well, it was, indeed, an extraordinary display of, what I happen to believe, makes the power of creative-collaboration so undeniably potent.

The moment I entered into the behemoth of this, formerly-derelict, space, pregnant with potential, I immediately sensed a synchronicity between the throbbing baseline, which was disseminating through my central nervous system and the  contractions of imminent, fashion-brand-births! I also found myself marvelling at just how perfectly-balanced a venue it was, being, at once, expansive, with enough room in which to throw and catch shapes, a-plenty, whilst also intimate enough to accommodate the collective energy of a collaborative congregation.

The vibe was rich and distinct. People from all walks-of-life rubbed shoulders, as they shook to the dynamic DJ-grooves and pressed palms with artists and designers, alike, in congratulatory exuberance. However, just like the beats, the meet-and-greets didn’t stop, for these everday-people embraced one another, as well as opportunities to form newfound fashion-friendships.

Co-existing under this banner of ’emergent ambience’ were starkly-contrasting Art-forms. In one corner was housed a formidable frieze of stylised character-outlines, created by self-confessed Narnia-resident, Dom&Ink! These especially-conceived, ebullient images were oft-surrounded by admirers, yet, things took a definite turn, when the quiff-sporting illustrator, and author of ‘Map Of My Heart’, appeared, and encouraged the observers to colour them in! Around the corner, more exceptional Art took my breath away. Wandering guests were bathed in diffused, iridescent light, emitted from the impressive installations, at floor and eye-levels, of SunYin Xiaowen and Aphra Shezma. Others stood, face-to-face, with equally-stunning, Fine Art offerings from Linda Cieniawska, Charlotte Osbourne and Gwyneth Fugard. As I passed by the intermittent onlookers, it was as if their inner energies were mirrored by the pieces, in such a way as to become ‘human glowsticks’ and ‘living wallpaper’ and I recall feeling truly priveleged, not only to witness the effect of such private moments, being experienced in public, but to also be an integral part of appreciating the exquisite talent.

As time grew nearer to the presentation of fashion, which was so on-edge, it felt as if someone were scraping their fingernails down a blackboard, excitement was fuelled by singing sensation, Vince Kidd. All but prowling-the-platform, he delivered Otis-Redding-raw vocals, with a similarly-seasoned prowess, speaking-to-the-deeps with his soul-inspired spin, on life, love and all that lies between. After taking the audience upon a heartfelt journey, Kidd made his exit, stage left, to whoops of delight and enthusiastic applause, leaving the see-through screen to became the backdrop behind which each model would wait, before taking to the runway.

In a bid to further immerse myself into the experience, yours truly took to her second home (for which I didn’t need to find five percent!), the Frow! Suddenly, silhouettes of each collection were backlit-to-perfection, establishing the effect of a ‘fashion-fourth-wall’, as well as indicating that, tonight, something was coming, which was better than good! However, this separation was soon to be aurally removed by bespoke, live collaborations with up-and-coming musicians who, from the stature of their performances, are bound to make increasingly influential impacts in each of their respective genres. First-up, was the amazing singer, Lydia Baylis, who tore-away-the-veil, with a unique set of beautifully-accompanied, sultry, acoustic-folk. Hot-on-her-heels, and before anyone had time to settle into the still, harmonic haze, ‘Kill It Kid’ stepped up and totally smashed the divide, juxtaposing the, previously, gentle mood, with an awesome repertoire of sonic explosions! Both styles brilliantly served to complement the essence of each designer-aesthetic and we were treated to a creative-clash which would put the SS14 ‘print-clash’ trend of any well-known fashion-house to shame!

Models with raked-back, ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ Batiste-hair and fashion-forward, metallic make-up were bedecked in sublime, sheer pieces from the avant-garde world of Marcelo Yarussi, the deftest of twists on masterful, digitally-printed garments, designed by Nicolas Wirth and the cool creations of blank-canvas-white, high-end futurism of London College of Fashion Graduate, Isabell Yalda Hellysaz. The fêted, power-house-of-a design institution was also showcased via the stand-out, all-black, structural apparel from Maria Zhminko, the intriguing, open-weave, cage-like, riffs on body-con from design-duo, Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson and the decadent columns-of-kaftans, with concentrated print-formations, from the joint-genius-pairing of Christina Tiran and Victoria Rowley.

As the showlights faded, such superstar-DJ names as the irrepressible ‘Bill & Will’, ‘Shivas Regal’, the A&R-astute founder of Tigermilk Recordings, and idiosyncratic rhythm-maker, ‘Mculo’, were heralded to take-to-the-decks and storm-the soundsystem! With a two-step, here, and a head-nod, there, (but, sadly, before the anticipated arrival of the superb Rufio Summers), I was ready to bow-out gracefully and wind my way through a London-town which, once again, felt like a haven for burgeoning, undiscovered artistry. In fact, I can’t remember a night where so many apparent-strangers were apt-for-sharing, participating and co-creating such a ‘moment’ in time.. It just goes to show that there is a real fashion-fellowship, of sorts, doing-away with the out-dated image of an industry which is, supposedly, replete with back-biting, where only the strong survive, and is redefining it, as one filled with opportunities to go beyond disciplines or regions and traverse brand new terrain! Of course, no industry is perfect, but the ethos behind such events as ‘The Shoreditch Fashion Show’, promotes the commercial as a facilitative route and supportsystem to creativity, whilst maintaining, without compromise, the core integrity of the energy-source from which successful collaboration grows.

So, my deepest gratitude goes out to öffbeat, for providing me with with the chance to be part of such a unique vibe. Further congratulations go out to all other sponsors/ affiliates, both front and back-of-house, involved in delivering this fantastic gathering. Last night was everything it promised to be, an interactive celebration of multi-media expression, par excellence, filled with extraordinary and inspiring examples of Creative-Arts-at-their-best and I cannot recommend ‘The Shoreditch Fashion Show’ to you, highly enough! Neither can I wait to see how öffbeat and partners focus-pull their combined-skills to shine new lights on rising-stars of parallel creative-platforms in 2014!




‘One of the most descriptive and all together best blogs we have read!! @A_F_R_O_W please review all our events!’

‘…just re-read your blog on the show, it’s such an honour that what we created came across to you. Thank you for your words x’