“I’m the Black Girl on the Front Row…Sitting-room or fashion show…Photo-ready, pose slow… Workin’ ev’ry shape I know!

I’m a wiley-wordsmith and ardent-aficionado of all-things creative!

A trip to my blog will find you meandering through the streets of art, fashion, music, poetry and so much more…

So don’t bother about a map, because, here, it’s all about getting lost-in-lucid-lines and navigating-in-narrative, via an eternally-open-heart and the images of the inner-mind…”



‘I had the pleasure of meeting A_F_R_O_W at my exhibition last night. Fantastic, well-written blogs. Do take a look.’

Nadine Wood (@wednesdaykat1), Photographer


‘Just looked at your wordpress – love the focus on text rather than images – really makes it stand out!

Trakke (@TrakkeBasecamp), Outdoor Lifestyle Brand