Black Girl on the Front Row!

“Nothing To Lose”


There is nothing to lose,

in crying

scotch-bonnet tears.

Releasing decades,

plus years,

of, long-held, fears..

Nothing to lose,

by shaking it off

and away…

…every ounce of anger,

that ruined your day..

and stamped on your Life,

embossing its impact,

in acrid strife.

Nothing to lose,

in pouring 

the inventory

of your heart,

into a compartment,

marked, “Done”.

Nothing to run from.

Nothing can stun you.

No more,

are you living,



there’s so much to gain,


shouting at thunderstorms,

dancing, in rain,

with smiles,

in the face of chagrin.


there, really is, 

nothing to lose..


to let go,


is an,





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Talk to me.

With me.

At me.

Tell me,

what ails you.

Has you railing

at God.

Is it the hurt,

from the pain

of the footsteps of Life,

that you’ve trod?

The stain of the loss

of the last grain

of Hope

that you had,

in reserve?

Tell me,

what has unnerved you?

Have you lost

the sensation,

for communucation?


where it can be found?


has your Soul,

run aground?

Do you cry,

as you feel that

your compass

directs you,

to shy away?

Fly away,

from contact,

that lifted your day?


let me tell you,

Dear One,

let me, directly, say,

that your outlook

may taunt you,

and flaunt what is bleak,

as your lot…


let me express to you,


it is not.

Through seasons

of stark opposition,

you’ve coped,

with distinctive precision…

and ridden the onslaught

of doubting,

that tried to attack you,

subtract you

and cause you

internal division.


you have survived

each offensive

and turned every minus,

to surplus.

To vanquish the darkness

with Light,

has become your,

most potent, addition.

By Grace and with Gratitude,

you’ve overcome.

You have chosen,

to make that decision.

Time and again,

you have ousted contention,

determined to conquer

retention of negatives.


accentuating the positives.

No matter what,

you have followed your Mission.


I reiterate this,

with a view that is clear…

The course you have taken,

is filled, with completion…


it is an honour to tell you,

your victory lap

is right now

and right here.



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“Blue Sky”



blue-sky thinking.

Walking on water,

without sinking.


with you.

Seeing the lights

of your Soul,

shine bright,

through the whites

of your eyes,

staring into the

bowl of the Sun,

without blinking.

The Cosmos, we are drinking.

Tasting the

milkshake-Milky Way,

through celestial straws.

Watching the trinkets

of stars applaud,

as, pausing,

upon the

lagoon of the Moon,

we contemplate

Cause and Effect.

Cotton-candy clouds,

the sandy beach,


desert island dreams,

that hover and collect

inside the stratosphere,

absorbing our

Heavenly steps.


as constellations

of choices,

yet, unspoken,

float, about us.


translucent Truth,


beneath us,

reveals playful



to, just, believe..

…reaching through,

from an

imaginative youth.

Being at this altitude,

resolves to

make us smile.

The Earth,

is grounded.

Timelessness exists,

for Spiritual discovery…

Just as well,

it is Eternal,


this astral journey

could take more,

than, just, a while!



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“The Blessing”

Thank you,

for not suppressing

the Blessing.

For confessing,


that which

Faith, Hope and Love mean,

through decompressing

your Soul.

For yielding control


the dreams,

on your Heart.

Thank you,

for, simply,

having the courage,

to start.

For sharing the secrets,

the how-to’s,

with others,

without spin.

Thank you,

for letting us in.

For fighting the impulse

to stay

in a comfort zone.

For going it,


with Grace and with Truth.

Thank you for owning it.

The Gifting,

in which you fit,

so perfectly.

Righteously giving,

of your special blend..

and defeating the urge,

to make a mere brand,

from the honour

of Living.

Thank you,

for leading the way.

For showing the passion

to keep digging in,

when many,

would choose not to stay.

Thank you,

for knowing the time

to move on,

when the growing,

from the present season,

is done

and committing,

to unknown horizons,

to help,

without need, for a reason.

Thank you,

for all that you are…


for all, that you do

The World,

would be less than,

if it were not present,

and filled,

with the Blessing

of you.



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“The Secret Place”


No time,

nor space,

for vanity,


triviality of Gifts,

intended to

heal rifts

and harmonise,

through Higher Truth..

The only frequency,

that sifts

the sacred wheat,

from hurtful husk.

Sheds light, on dawn,

from dusk,

of doubt.


the Secret Place,

the Tabernacle,

of Celestial Grace.

No rushing this.

Creative testimonial

we, now, embrace


trace our Reverence,

to an Eternal portal,

where Immortal reigned,

before the World began.

Before the seas took steps.

Before forests, yet,

had any depth.

Our treasured roots,

once slept..

But, then,

formation, it occurred..

of Spirit, Body, Soul and Mind,


His Infinite Word.



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“The Reason”

For a reason,

do we wake, at night,

whilst others,

are at rest.

We are capturing new visions,

with which,

we have all been blessed.

For a reason,

do we wake up,

with an urge, to greet the day.

With a, deep-seated, desire,

to see dreams,

come out and play.

For a reason,

do we pace the ground,

processing every plan.

It is,

in the name of details”,

turning cannot”, into, can”.

For a reason,

are we overwhelmed,


until we cry…

Feeling stuck,

within the “wherefores”,

and the “what ifs”

and the “whys”.

For a reason,

do we take a breath,

until we realise,


these long lines of inquiry,

are solutions, in disguise.

For a reason,

do we practice,

do we mirror

and repeat.

We are searching

and fine-tuning,

every moment, every beat.

For a reason,

do we sing,

and act,

and dance,

and paint

and write.

We are living

our creative works

and giving,

with delight.

For a reason,

do we state that,

“It’s enough!” “Last time!” “The end!”

Then, proceed,

with more ambition,

for our ideas

to ascend!

For this reason,

we all do it,

as, a hand fits in a glove.

Call it passion,

or vocation.

There’s a reason,

it is




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“Word Birth”

Midwife of thought.

Birthing words,

from pools of pondering,

waterbaths of wondering.


poised and ready,

to catch the unsteady,

from title,

to, totally finished,

and usher it,


a towel of page.

Wrapping the newborn,

in swaddling sentences,

warming and nursing

each, cooing, response,

with old-fangled eloquence..

Perfect, imperfect,

for lexical life,

in a new-fashioned age.

This one,

is nascent.

Sent here,

with narrative, in every breath.

She will continue creating,


with a conscious method,

to scribe the authentic…

… to release her cry,

from the yielded,

cathartic Heart…


raised to profess,

for the rest of her Life,

she will translate the Heavenlies..

..interpreting the

true meaning of Love.

From this,

she will never depart.



All Rights Reserved.



that you are loved.

As you lay awake,

before the steps

of your new day,

you take,

know this Truth,

that will not break.


that you are adored.

You leave

the constellations floored,


from their

lofty carpet,

they observe,

how you endure,

increasingly, more.

Remember this.

You are,

undeniably, magnificent.

You can not be ignored.

As shadows appear,

have no fear.

For you are meant

to be here.

You are revered.

Sea vessels,

change the course

they’ve steered,

to catch a glimpse,

of your Essence…

Paint the plimsoll line,

just to float

at your level.

Revel in it.

As the breezes

sweep the dust of dusk,

to view the finery

of your

Divinely-decorated Spirit,

know this….

…The World

and all Creation,

long, to dive

your depth..

and marvel

at the profundity

of your stillness,

within it.



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“And The Battle, Ain’t Over”

And the battle,

it ain’t over..

Oh, but, surely,

it is won!

Even though,

it seems to most,

as if,

it’s only just begun.

Even if,

there is an aperture,

suggesting, it’s the start..

…and the journey seems so long,

that there is no sense,

to depart.

Take a second.



…and then,

review what’s in your


You will find,

there is a Conqueror,

whose Legacy is bound

to the

Line of the Triumphant,


their Victories, resound!


be confident,

within this Truth.

Begin, where you begin.

And, remember,

in this mindset,

you are Mighty,





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“Your Day”


could be your day.


you stop sighing.

Cease, wondering.


from crying

your whole Soul out…

.. because you feel

you aren’t part of it,

or have it,

or get it..

…aren’t considered,

a “Big Deal“.

This could be your day

to reach out,


than you’ve ever been.

To retrieve,

what you’ve believed in,

all along.

The day,

when the notes

and the lyrics to your song,

are, finally, complete..


your percussion line,

matches every,

heartfelt, heartbeat.

When your passion

harmonises with



by The Origin.

Your day,

when you just know,

you win

… When you are, more than, comfy,

in your

very, own, skin.

This. Could. Be. The. Day

your dreams begin.

The ones,



the realms of sleep.

The ones,

you thought

you’d have to keep inside

They were

ambitious echoes

of your ideas,


Remember them?


this could be your day,


what you thought

was lost,

is reunited.

This could be it!

Whyever, not?


why not, you?

Why shouldn’t Life,


on your Faith,

to reconsider that,

one day,

could be today…

… when, the clouds,

drift far away


everything becomes renewed

The Moment,

of this,

Special Day,

when the Impossible


absolutely True.



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