Black Girl on the Front Row!

“World Poetry Day…”










… Reminding


… Dreams





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“He Knows.”


Silken, static air


a conspiracy of clouds,


the Coriolis forces

them to

cry aloud,

“He knows!”,

before they separate.


From left to right,

the birds-on-wing

begin to murmur…

… “Everything is set aright!”…

“Too late, is not the cry!”,

the night responds…

… as shooting stars fly by,

with twinkling eyes


breathless Hermes,

speeds the message,

joyfully across the skies.




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as translucent watercolour.


as cobalt-from-the-blue!

Your smooth,

acrylic communication,

coats me,

in pigment of purest light…

… painting doubt into a corner,

until shades of elation

shine through,

to turn the sketch of ‘like’,

into the blood-red,

beating heart,

of emboldened love…

… and

with one brush of cerulean sound,

I know…

… I’m on wholly,


Higher ground.



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“Valentines In Vegas!!!”


You know that Valentine’s Week in Vegas is going to be something rather special…


especially special, when, through lively conversation, you find that you are seated next to a heartwarming couple, who have been married for 35 years, called Mr and Mrs Truelove!


I kid you not, dear friends!


Yes, yours truly, was back, for the third thrilling installment in her Vegas Trilogy… returning to the Love capital of the world… only rivalled, some might say, by the romance of a Paris, at night..


“So, what was the story this time?” I hear you enquire…


Well… it was all about the Lo-o-o-o-o-ve..

… and if there is anyone who knows how to live their Purpose for just that reason, it’s Mr. Matt Goss..


By now, we’ve discovered how, simply exceptional, he is, both, as an Artist and, a deeply, delightful human being.

You already know about his refinement and elegance of style and substance… You also know that, whether solo, or with his immensely-talented brother, Luke, he is consistently turning doubters into, all-out believers, in the supreme gifts which have him flying high, within the Creative Arts Industry and the wider Creative Community.



… season by season, (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas and now Valentine’s), I have had the distinct blessing of jetting off, into the wide blue yonder of the Vegas skyline, landing at my beloved “Mirage”, elevated to the dizzying heights of the 22nd floor and living-the-(somewhat uexpected)-dream, of all that such transatlantic back-and-forth entails, in order to chart the course and share the joy of this, eminently fascinating, performer’s artistic evolution!

From arrival-Sunday, which saw a two-tone Goss, regaling the “silver foxes” in the room, through to the following Sunday, in which his own homage to silver-grey styling, accentuated his striking blonde-haired, blue-eyed charm, my week was glazed with ever-slicker performances by the fêted “new King of Vegas”… crowned by the Valentine’s event-of-events, on that, most memorable, night-of-nights…


and it was everything!!!!!


Sultry, sassy, super-humorous, super-glamorous… peppering the audience, with infectious geniality.. it was undeniably glossy-Gossy, at his undeniable best.


To me, more than I’d ever felt it, “1 OAK” was the beating pulse of Nevada…

Whether front row, or booth-bound, the room was replete with revellers who were ready for a steaming hot time…and the show was, accordingly, sizzling…

With no room to lounge in this buzzing bar, the strawberry-strewn, speakeasy space absolutely rocked to the pace of Matt’s adrenalin-fuelled style and a band which, were they any tighter, would have split their, metaphorical, musical seams!

In fact, the duration of the evening was seamless showbiz, par excellence, and we were all with him for the ride… Quite frankly, the swoon-to-croon ratio was ten thousand-a-penny and the power of expression, although effortless in groove, was pure, no-holds-barred effort, in his driving delivery.


With more seasoned skits and ska turns, which were te-riff-ic, the general concensus which revolved around the room as this Vegas showpiece progressed, was that this was, categorically, the most impressive that anyone had, yet, seen of Goss… Indeed, I had the privelege of engaging from many vantage points, ergo, sitting in the company of many first-timers, all, of whom, commented on just how consummate a performer Matt was… and how, clearly, he was becoming the quintessential benchmark for any type of entertainment offering, let alone a, consistently, sell-out Vegas residency…

…which is quite the most discernible thing… in that, Matt neither rests upon his laurels,  rather, curating his work, as if presenting a room of unique, sonic sketches.. Nor does he take a moment of this opportunity for granted… In fact, he frequently takes time out to share just how aware he is, of the collective support which has facilitated his sustained success… and it is always stated with touching sincerity, as truly humbling to feel, as it is genuinely received, by all who hear.


…And the best is yet to come…


… for the dedication to fashioning his vocation into one type of musical masterpiece, has dovetailed into another, destined for Broadway and West End stages, having finished a, much-anticipated, adaptation of U.K. television classic, “Upstairs, Downstairs”, in collaboration with Grammy-nominated Composer, Arranger and Producer, Stephen Endelman…

… and award nods and accolades will, undoubtedly, follow for this burgeoning Impressario, Radio Presenter, Fine Artist… not least, the celebration of the 10-year Vegas milestone, of a man who rises to every challenge in such a way, as to engender wonderment, of whether there is anything Matt Goss cannot do!


In the opinion of one whom has arrived to the party a wee bit later than most, but who knows a bit about the whys and wherefores of stage-life, you’d be hardpressed to find a better example of such a wholly-committed Creative, anywhere upon the globe!


With that being said, it’s clear to see why everyone who joins Matt’s journey wants to stick with this first-rate fella, no matter which creative room he goes into… but it won’t be luck that sees him continue to conquer ever-greater territory, it will be unequivocal, unquestionable talent… the type which is indefatigable and endures, long after the venue lights go dark!!!



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“Per Mission…”


No need to ask.


As per, Mission,

leave behind the wondering,

the wishing upon stars,

the pondering…


… because, your time is here.



no more thinking it over.

You’re ready to begin.


To rise up,

to raise up,

to overcome,

to win.



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“Living Journal…”


Living journal…

Breathing page,

I tell my secrets to.

Founded in rage or bitterest gall,

rooted in untapped ideals,

my joy,


to share all my feels

with you…

Listener of the highest grade.

Porous wall,

absorbing tennis balls of stress..

quietly amassing carbon copies


my love and happiness…

My mental scribbling and imagery,

I’m fearless to undress.

For there’s  no risk with you.

No need to rehash ‘now’ and ‘then’.

I simply turn the corner,

find you there,

the empty page,

who wants to know the chapters of my book…

and waits for me to write..

With purest clarity,

through morning, noon and night,

providing me with

deep compassion’s pen.



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