Black Girl on the Front Row!

“North Star”

You are my North Star.

Perpendicular strength, through Ages.

You are rocked by none.

My galaxy of Wisdom.

My odyssey of emotions.

Your voice,

the ointment to my heartache.

The Everlasting arms,

to cradle me through lows

and loft me to highs.

I remember,

enduring moonbeams of eye contact…

…how firebrand-Love was etched into my neural pathways,

formed by distinct determinants

of leading, mentoring, truth-telling.

Walking me forward, just like you talked it.

Laughter tinkled the ivories of your rearing repertoire.

Sweet tea and cake, your call to arms,

if threats to Peace took hold

within our dwelling.

You were brewed to be Strong.


you were, are and always will be

the land, wherein I make my Home.

Security, now Eternity…

… I see you hold court in your mansion.

I live life, like it’s golden,

because you coloured it so boldly…

and go,

where, before, I have never been.

You are constant.

The Star,

with top billing,

upon my internal movie screen…

…all Monroe-matinée looks, as you had on this plane.

No longer tired.

Light as the air you inhabit.


as I stir my mental cup, filled to the brim with you,

spilling over, in my brain,

 I sit…

…dedicate morning moments

to the magic of our connection

and, by Grace,

always feel your Presence and Protection

coming through,

as the most Divine, angelic refrain…

never more Real… more True.


©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved


“Back To Basics”

Stripped back,

pared down…

Clean acoustic,

living sound.

Stripped down,

pared back…

syncopated hand-clap.

Pro with tools

that Nature brings,

no trim,

to gain the chord that sings.

Wrap around visors of strings.

Studied prowess,

digs up the zeitgeist treasure chest…

…calms the cacophony within.

Prolific with popular din,

makes melody his nest.

Wears harmonics, like a don,

on his composer’s vest.

Stylus down, record on.

Transposer of lyrics…

all hear the best, even the cynics.

Dares for epic,

lives legacy,

like the pinky ring of his songbook family crest.

Keeps it simple.

Less is more, his quest.

Sample to score,

back to basics… forever manifest.

©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved






“Beneath The Streetlights & The Moon…”

Beneath the streetlights and the moon,

I sit with the tune of day.

Am hit by the way in which it turns.

Soon, dawn pulls up, in a pink Cadillac,

inked with the stain of rusting schemes,

the strain of bearing down on dreams…

catching up on time and picking up the slack.

Dragging monolithic hopes

across the bridge of metal toothpicks,

scoring lifescapes…

Making change the greatest escape.

What to stick to?

Blinking back denial?

Slinking by surprise?

..And what to pick…


Do you have a reason for the skies?


©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved

“VIP event at G.H. Bass & Co. hits high note!”

So, I’m struttin’!

Not quite, Danny Zucco, but I could give him a run for his money, in a Zoolander-style face-off!

….And I’m singin’!

…Not quite Bee Gees, but “me and my ‘Weejuns’, walking down the avenue”, consistently reverbs around my mental recording studio, waiting for release!

With nonpareil London as my runway, I am taking in some of the fashion and fayre of designers in our glorious city, en route to a very special event… and after patiently waiting, all lovingly pre-polished and wrapped in their ‘G.H. Bass & Co.’ box, the night hath arrived upon which my “Penny Stardoms” have their moment to shine!

“They see me strollin’ but they’re not hatin’!” now pops up, as the next remixed track in my ever-expanding mental E.P.!

As I engage upon my window-watching style-sweep, I have to say, I’m loving what I’m seeing! From South Molton, via Regent, through Carnaby and finally, to Beak Street, illustrious brands sit side-by-side, with crackling come-up talent and I am enamoured with it all! ‘Browns’, ‘Berenice’, ‘Hobbs’, ‘Hill and Friends’ effortlessly envelop, as heritage hits abound, with ‘Aquascutum’, attached to ‘Barbour’ and ‘Barker’, ‘French Connection’ connected to ‘COS’ and ‘Karl Lagerfeld’, only to turn-on-a-penny (loafer, if you will!), to find ‘Liberty’, presiding over the edgier end of the shopping district, with a select edit of artisanal offerings and collaborative graduate installations, from future trend-setters of the London College of Fashion!

Carnaby continues to cut a distinctive dash, with a multi-faceted lay-out of names, carving out back-catalogues of creative culture, whilst impressing the ever-changing moods of the current. Mod meccas, ‘Pretty Green’ and ‘Ben Sherman’ hang-out with skater-staples ‘Vans’ and ‘size?’…. whilst ‘We Built This City’ adds a cool artistic flair, no less in keeping with the understated chic of such a fashion-forward thoroughfare…

…the end, of which, is just the beginning of an evening, which encapsulates the perfect combination of venue, vibe and VIP!

Home of the loafer, ever my dream footwear destination, G.H. Bass & Co. and I are reunited…and it feels so good…. And why not?! If they were good enough for the genius of Michael Jackson to have thrilled us all with his trademark Moonwalk, then they’re great enough for my two-stepping!

“It’s been a long time (since fitting for my ‘Stardoms’)… I shouldn’t have left you…” cranks up to Eric .B. and Rakim… but the welcome is, as ever, super-warm, with hugs all-round! You see, for me, this is more than a shop. More than a generic footwear retail establishment, implanted on a trendy side of town. For me, it’s walk-in wardrobe goals! A penny-loafered-palace, a tasselled boot-ique, with variations on a theme, and then some! In its location for two years, the discerning and diverse amassed following is, not only, well-deserved, but well-won, due to the incredible hours, input by a truly dedicated Bass Europe Team.

Tonight, the set-up is an extension of its unique visual merchandising, comprised of wonderfully-worn wooden floors (suggesting the loafer’s Norwegian roots), juxtaposing metal corrugation, historical artefacts, (displaying its celebrity provenance), contrasting with contemporary periodicals and, bien sûr, an array of outstanding, hand-crafted icons…

As bespoke cocktails flow and script-flipping ambient house music fills the atmosphere, tonight is affording guests the opportunity to check out new additions to the collection and have their Bass ‘Weejuns’ personalised, by the immensely-talented illustrator, Anastasiya Levashova. From a subtle selection of custom options, including ornate monogramming and/ or delicate flora and fauna, her precision-painting ensures that each pair is transformed and set apart from any other marque, let alone, house style!

With no more need for internal audio accompaniment, I find myself, instead, using the brainpower to question “What would Pauline Black do?!” She, the dynamic lead singer of Ska supremos, ‘The Selecter’ and  maven of Mod…. which design would she… select?! I mean, in a world where shopping lanes seem laminated with labels, G.H. Bass & Co. is comfortably a cut-above…the beauty being that with every pair, whether customized or not, their idiosyncratic pedigree guarantees that you feel exceptional, too

“So”, I continue to muse, ”how do you add to perfection?!”

Thrownback to the eclectic typography of the many a-maz-ing two-tone bands to which I was exposed as a growing fashionista (think, ‘The Beat’, ‘The Specials’…), I had to go for the monogram… and in less time than it takes to sing a verse of “Too Much To Young”, my top-notch two-steppers had become hype, hot-steppers… and as the party wound down, with more goodbye hugs shared, I made my way into the remainder of the awaiting night, with the hit Ini Kamoze track blaring, stereo, in my mind… and a bonafide, one-off experience indelibly-etched upon, both, my swaggerific shoes and my super-happy heart!


©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved


G.H.Bass & Co. UK & Europe

35 Beak Street, Soho, London, W1F 9DP

Twitter: @GHBass1876   Instagram: @ghbass1876   Facebook: GhBass1876


A_F_R_O_W-Applause and Appreciation to Team G.H. Bass & Co. UK & Europe, on hosting a night, as totally one-off, as your incredibly bespoke brand!


“New Beginnings”

At the doorstep of your Soul,

I knock, for entry to your heart…

to hear the echoes in its chambers,

to learn the old broom, which knows the corners,

has given way to the new.

To discover you are ready to dust off the past,

for a clean sweep of

everlasting Love and Happiness.


©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved



Past gravity and levity.


Into expanded brevity.


Expressed with positivity.


When all else reach their limit,

we are grown.

Yet, thrive, in continuity.


All-One in exclusivity.


At Peace, in Unity.


By Grace. Truth. Generosity.

Whether faced with reciprocity,

or not.

To give and give again,

with all we’ve got,

to Love,

from most profound,

to over-top…

To be the voice, in dignity.

That tone.

…Accumulates the notes,

to let you know that

you are



©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved



My violin-head rests gently upon your shoulder.

In the hushed auditorium of my life,

you hear the natter of my overwhelmed heart with glistening loyalty.

Your virtuoso patience is my mentor.

My Stravinsky discord does not incite ‘do not disturb’ time signatures.

In my Vivaldi seasons, you are studied intensity.

Although I repeat phrases,

you make sympathetic movements to encourage.

My truest ally,

the repertoire of your support is pivotal,

the timbre of advice, immense.

I enter your presence with first-night nerves

and leave life’s doubt-fuelled counterpoints,

with a new-found,

harmonic sense of occasion.

©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved.