“Golden Rule”


unto others,


you would have them, do,

not, because..

Gave me, refreshed, reason,

to sit and pause

and reflect.

When, did Life

become so transactional?

How, did,

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours“,

become the best,

we could get?

Why should reciprocity,

be something,

we, automatically, expect?

What, if,

that cannot

be guaranteed?

Does that have to quantify,

assisting, one, in need?

I focused.

Used the break,

to breathe…

to reconnect,

with that,

in which,

I still believe.

In that,

in which

I, still, have Hope.

To give,

without, assured, reply,

in kind,


it carries with it,

residue, of being overlooked,

even, ignored,

with, blatant, disregard,

for what was done,

or why,

must not distract us,

from the Call,

to reach out,



this, very, act of service,

without, want,

of a return,

could change a life,



for all.



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