Talk to me.

With me.

At me.

Tell me,

what ails you.

Has you railing

at God.

Is it the hurt,

from the pain

of the footsteps of Life,

that you’ve trod?

The stain of the loss

of the last grain

of Hope

that you had,

in reserve?

Tell me,

what has unnerved you?

Have you lost

the sensation,

for communucation?


where it can be found?


has your Soul,

run aground?

Do you cry,

as you feel that

your compass

directs you,

to shy away?

Fly away,

from contact,

that lifted your day?


let me tell you,

Dear One,

let me, directly, say,

that your outlook

may taunt you,

and flaunt what is bleak,

as your lot…


let me express to you,


it is not.

Through seasons

of stark opposition,

you’ve coped,

with distinctive precision…

and ridden the onslaught

of doubting,

that tried to attack you,

subtract you

and cause you

internal division.


you have survived

each offensive

and turned every minus,

to surplus.

To vanquish the darkness

with Light,

has become your,

most potent, addition.

By Grace and with Gratitude,

you’ve overcome.

You have chosen,

to make that decision.

Time and again,

you have ousted contention,

determined to conquer

retention of negatives.


accentuating the positives.

No matter what,

you have followed your Mission.


I reiterate this,

with a view that is clear…

The course you have taken,

is filled, with completion…


it is an honour to tell you,

your victory lap

is right now

and right here.



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