“Queen Of Soul”

Fledgling youth,

with, not yet, wings to fly…

…in sweltering sweatbox summers,

gave ear to tense disc-overy of

a stellar, sonic boom,

adding shine to the sun,

light to the moon.


as a flake of gilt-glazed snow,

her voice,

at once, a two-edged sword

of thundered testimonials,

before a whispering gallery,

of honeydew refrains,

poured Glory into each prophetic note.

Stacked midst words,

the silence drawn, was her artistic choice.

Borne of boundless Creativity,

a treasury of inner wisdom,

glistening and profound,

drew out the “Limitless”, in me.

Phonic airplay, on repeat,

her soaring melodies

gave rise to memories,

firm friends,

through onset womanhood.

Now, Heaven’s eagles,

tuneful echoes, circle overhead

and spiral Spiritual Good.

Forever Love, Respect and Gratitude,

from this one,

to a Universal Queen,

whose Legacy, is Just and Right,

though, out of sight,

her Gospel Truth

will always be

the purest Soul crescendo,

always be


and heard

and understood.



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