There’s nothing like being in a recording studio.

Nothing like being faced with a mixing desk of many colours, ready and waiting to articulate the shades of life experience.

Whether decked out with lo-fi computer, turntables and a microphone, or the latest wall-of-sound set-up, being super-surrounded by a cocoon of creative possibility, anticipating the unique heart-mind-soul-technology reunion, emerging from that musical womb, is spine-tinglingly special.

I recently meandered down the lane of my sentimental studio-time recollections, whilst becoming reacquainted with the musical time-bank of Mr Matt Goss, who (seemingly a lifetime ago), courageously took the first, post-Bros step upon that proverbial thousand-mile journey, ending up across-the-pond.

As my solo listening-party took the scenic route from the pop-ode-to-ambition of ‘When Will I Be Famous?’ to the poignantly tender ‘Cat Amongst The Pigeons’, early indications were screamingly obvious as to the ever-increasingly creative potential and power to metaphorically encapsulate into 3-minute offerings, the dramatic vignettes of the everyday. Matt Goss’s continued metamorphosis from boy-to-man, a true grafter, navigating though joy and pain, has seen him honed into quite the multi-talented artisan, fulfilling all of his evident, early promise.

Traversing his life-path, both in real-time, and in multi-media formats, has seen the conception and delivery of projects via a myriad artistic outlets, including children’s author, autobiographer, poet and, of course, musician. In fact, his latest solo offering, has just come hot-off-the-presses, after his finishing at the crest of a 7½ year residency at Caesar’s Palace (with endless plaudits and ‘Icon Award’ in-hand), and seen him returning to our shores, to play a packed-out Wembley SSE Arena!

No less arresting than records from his extensive back catalogue, the intriguingly titled ‘Gone Too Long’ masterfully distils the loneliness of, simply, occupying the same space as the one you love and the insidious agony of acknowledging a certain coldness, where once was depth and warmth. Against a lulling backdrop of gentle piano, layers of atmospheric choral lines are awash with swathes of violins and stabbing pizzicato, plucking at the heartstrings, as the soulfully melancholic melody reiterates the refrain that ‘we should hold each other tonight…it’s not too late’.* As if peeling off a plaster from a wound that has yet to heal, the haunting echo of a spoken vocal, underpinned by a military drum-break, cuts through the false sense of emotional security, seamlessly overlaid by the ebbing and flowing of musical patterns, keeping the track entirely contemporary and tantalisingly Bond-like. Cue the monochromatic visual treatment (with the emotive performance akin to an indie film-short), also produced and directed by Goss, which compellingly mirrors the diminution of passion, into a world of stark desolation, through the modernity of clipped hip-hop choreography. Add to that some ultra-slick styling, spanning Hollywood glamour to present-day swagger, and you have a truly impressive production.

In Matt Goss, himself, you have an artist with the acute emotional literacy and attention-to-detail to access ‘the moment’, define it with clarity and intention, and deliver the epiphany of lessons learnt. Without becoming stuck or weighed down by the past, he boldly surrenders to the truth which is resident at the seat of the soul and openly encourages the listener to, not only, share in the experience, but recreate it in his/her own voice, whether of the internal, ‘thinking’, kind, or of the externally audible. In this way, his impact reaches far beyond the mere action of downloading or uploading.

I’ve found that to appreciate his present sound within the context of reprising the past, has been an expedient reminder that compassion, humility and civility run through Goss’s lifeblood. His entire body of work defies time and will continue to do so, simply because of the profoundly innate connection he has with that which emanates as his true treasure….music.

Whilst nothing happens before the time, I rather look forward to further examples of his unlimited giftings (an anthology of lyrics/ poetry would be wonderful!) because Matt Goss has certainly filled the outline of my heart with the purity of love of the craft residing within his and I have no doubt that ‘Gone Too Long’ will do the same for fellow heartfelt, hopeful romantics everywhere!


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