Black Girl on the Front Row!


“Soul-fie, Not, Self-ie”

The day has arrived.

As sun rises,

it has

dawned upon you,

that Now,

is the Time,

to heed the warning.


to take your stand,


any woman or man,

who tries to

ride, roughshod,

over your




who seek to

use, confuse, abuse,




the misappropriation

of your meekness…

through accusation,

of its weakness…

For this,






are power,

under control.

In Divine defiance,

of anything,

their words seek

to imply.


hold your ground.

Face forward,

to the Light…


in this position,

find your rest.


only, the best.



as you pose,

to take a Soul-fie…

…and recognise,

within your Spirit,

how richly,

you are




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“Live And Direct”


in Creativity.


in Kindness.

His Livery,

founded, in Faith,


…relieves all stress.

With heartfelt words,

the World,

he blesses.

As his tone


the social interface,

a phone

becomes a smile,

of amplified encouragement.

The effect,





from the

Seat of the Soul,


Time, well-spent,

in authenticity…

… caring and sharing

Life experience,

from glamorous,

to gritty truth.

Everyone is welcomed,

to be,

as they came.

His bonafide commitment,

from a place of Love,



ever leaves

the same.





All Rights Reserved.

“In Good Time…”

There comes a time,

when urgency has passed.

False Expectations Appearing Real,


Into the ether of Love,


Knowledge of mind,

settles into the new home,

of Heart…

When skin does not hold in,

nor tether you to ‘limit’,


becomes the precious vehicle,

propelling you to Greatness.

No more,

definitions of magnitude,

taking precedence.

When recognition, not relied upon,

is by-product,

of shared Blessing.

When Motivation waves Intention onward and upward…

Where Light is presence,

in spheres of influence…

… and Life spares no expense,

in gifting Honour…

but swims to depths and lengths,

his Brothers and Sisters to lift…

… bench-pressing gratitude of incremental weight,

’til the Soul sweats.

There comes a time, when this is Eternity…

and it is now, dawning,

that this kind of

Faith, Hope and Charity

is, truly,

the best that it gets…



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“Q & A”

Questions may remain unreconciled,


ensconced within the vaults of forever.

Words, unreleased,

may etch sentiment into the throat…

yet, answers are not guaranteed.

Silence will establish

unspoken bonds…

Impress upon the spirit

frequencies, to dial and collect

unuttered truths,

from beyond the clouds…

Unready for Now…

retained for future echoes…

where space, significant,

waits to hold that which vibrates,

with answers of your own.

Distinct solutions, borne of relative resonance,

lateral learning.

Resolution comes in comfort,

in those pliant arms of yours,

that cushion blows of the inevitable.

Stillness wholes the ‘whys’.

Such knowledge holds the wise.

Experience of goodbyes becomes

a holy guide…

… puts paid to guilt and condemnation,

full support is verified.

Trust of infinity unquantified,

leading to acceptance,

the response that liberates.

Whilst there, you’ll find your strength,

as your settling soul resides.


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“Touched By Magic”


everything was touched by magic,

kissed by mystery,

brushed by intrigue.

Just then,

everything shone with optimism,

shivered with hopefulness,

styled by living.

At once,

all was glorious,

overflowing jubilance,

overcoming brokenness.

Right then and there,

blinking back heartache,

all-consuming sadness

could no more progress.

In that same moment,

whispered somethings overcame,

with oil of certain gladness.

Pouring out the incomplete.

Draining away the unfulfilled.

Running off the unrequited.


everything was touch and real.

Shedding, had revealed a heart,

afresh, to feel.

Set in a seal of Love…

The magic, all along,

that time would pass


hurt would heal.


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Has your back.

Forms a united front,

when taking sides with you.

Fighting for you.


Looking with eyes,

but seeing, with heart,

what is.

Divine consultation.

The vision is written,

in plain clarity.


From fragile wasteland to sentient paradise…

…No. Walking. Away.

Acceptance because of vulnerability.

Changing toxic discourse of lie-dentity,

Working through doubt,

with confidante efficacy.


Believes in you.

Inside and out.


©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.



“North Star”

You are my North Star.

Perpendicular strength, through Ages.

You are rocked by none.

My galaxy of Wisdom.

My odyssey of emotions.

Your voice,

the ointment to my heartache.

The Everlasting arms,

to cradle me through lows

and loft me to highs.

I remember,

enduring moonbeams of eye contact…

…how firebrand-Love was etched into my neural pathways,

formed by distinct determinants

of leading, mentoring, truth-telling.

Walking me forward, just like you talked it.

Laughter tinkled the ivories of your rearing repertoire.

Sweet tea and cake, your call to arms,

if threats to Peace took hold

within our dwelling.

You were brewed to be Strong.


you were, are and always will be

the land, wherein I make my Home.

Security, now Eternity…

… I see you hold court in your mansion.

I live life, like it’s golden,

because you coloured it so boldly…

and go,

where, before, I have never been.

You are constant.

The Star,

with top billing,

upon my internal movie screen…

…all Monroe-matinée looks, as you had on this plane.

No longer tired.

Light as the air you inhabit.


as I stir my mental cup, filled to the brim with you,

spilling over, in my brain,

 I sit…

…dedicate morning moments

to the magic of our connection

and, by Grace,

always feel your Presence and Protection

coming through,

as the most Divine, angelic refrain…

never more Real… more True.


©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved



Past gravity and levity.


Into expanded brevity.


Expressed with positivity.


When all else reach their limit,

we are grown.

Yet, thrive, in continuity.


All-One in exclusivity.


At Peace, in Unity.


By Grace. Truth. Generosity.

Whether faced with reciprocity,

or not.

To give and give again,

with all we’ve got,

to Love,

from most profound,

to over-top…

To be the voice, in dignity.

That tone.

…Accumulates the notes,

to let you know that

you are



©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.


Dearest Afrow-Family, as I compose this, my newest post, somewhere, there is ensuing, a hive-of-activity, a buzz-of-excitement, a thrill-of-the-theatrical-chase! The location for the epicentre of this explosion-of-anticipation, is one of the cornerstone venues of the UK, if not global, Theatrical Arts arena, namely, our beloved Old Vic!

Yes, this weekend, will see well-known faces of stage and screen, join artistic forces and flex creative muscles with a tantalisingly team of writers and directors, themselves amongst the industry’s finest emerging and established talent, to produce ‘The 24-Hour Plays’, one of the most exhilerating, multi-discplinary rollercoaster-rides upon the Cultural/Creative Arts mustsee list!

Past years have seen a plethora of stars, old-guard and new, showcasing the best of edge-of-your-seat collaborations, somewhat metamorphosing into a combined vanguard, for the elemental nature of stagecraft. Such names as Josh Hartnett, he of the melifluously Robeson-esque tones, Sally Phillips, she of the razor-sharp witticims and Mackenzie Crook, he, the rascal of genuis comedy-timing, have deigned to take the bull that is the ’24 Hour Plays’ event, by the horns and subdue it over an evening of live performances, so palpably immediate, as to be ignited by raw flint!

This year’s participants, who will include the indefatigable, Clive Rowe, the understatedly sublime Tom Ellis, the creative powerhouse, who is Catherine Tate and a rising-star, with quite the most captivating screen-presence, Douglas Booth. The list of celebrities does not tail off and, consistent with the unpredictability of the process, will surely serve-up some of the most delightfully unusual casting combinations that the audience in-attendance might ever have the pleasure to see!

To compound the hub-bub, akin to that of a Hollywood premiere of a hotly-tipped, award-winning movie, is the fact that this year also marks the 10th Anniversary of the fundraising gala. No pressure then!

So what if, as an actor, you have to sit in a room with a prop, share it with other new faces, except that they’re not new faces, because you already know who they are, having racked-up, between them, a C.V the likes of which you couldn’t dream-up?! So what if, as a writer, you are to take that prop and reversecram a vignette, which will, hopefully, interlock seamlessly with all of the other five scenes?! What of the fact that you have to pull an all-nighter, in order to release said work-of-written-art?! Or even that there’ll barely be enough time for writer’s block?! Who cares, that it is all to be nursed-and-rehearsed, then presented infront of a kindly-donating audience of savvy theatre-going witnesses?! Oh and why should it be in-the-slightest bit bothersome that the Social Media-Readers can ride, side-saddle, with every second of progress?!

Forming, storming, norming and performing in a 24 Hour group-dynamic, for one night only?!


Well, having attended, myself, I know that it was pressure-filled, but that, evidently, this was the kind of pressure which caused the artists to yield control, dig deeper than ever before and share the journey towards the birth of theatre-like-no-other! I had the privelege of seeing the entire arc-of-vision, from backstage tours which allowed we band-of-happy-guests to see the performers working through scripts on their own, as well as being face-to-face with the very boards upon which so many greats had trodden, and which would soon become the home of skilfully-crafted creativity, with an intensely off-the-cuff edge!

The very year I attended, I remember walking with other guests, extremely gingerly, past an actor, himself, sat staring into the distance, as if in his own incredible world of moment-to-moment brainfreeze, interspersed with absolute recognition of his lines! It was, right then, that the realisation dawned upon me of being an honoured party to the condensed version of this ‘artist’s way’… and although, prior to the day, I had been enthusiastic about what was to burst its way into my psyche, it rapidly stepped onto my mental-plane and took subsequent flight!

My chosen outfit of a floor-length, champagne-coloured, spaghetti-strapped, ballerina dress, with draped bodice and an acreage of tulle skirt, had also flown all the way from New York City, and was accompanied by a matching pair of crystal-embellished high-heels, an iridescent, sheer pashmina, matching oyster-shell satin purse, with gold chain, a selection of pearl jewellery and a shower of Coco Chanel! My hair was gently encouraged into a delicate chignon, with a few wisps and tendrils, teased for texture… My chosen transport? A good old London Cab!

The show, itself, was…well…out-of-this-world! Filled with emotional highs, lows and turning points…and that was just the introductionEvery excited synonym, possible, sat upon the lips of the adrenaline-fuelled audience. We all knew what the rules of the ‘game’ were, but the improvisational quality of the experience meant that all of the rules had been jettisoned out of the fourth-wall window.. We all knew that too! No longer were we ‘audience members’, but, fellow participants.. Co-creative-cathodes, emitting empathetic energy! Thus, when one actress forgot her lines, looked out at us, declared, ‘Oh, I can’t do this’ and proceeded to retrieve the script and read, verbatim, through the scene, she received rapturous applause, not, as one might think, because she had been defeated, in any way, shape or form…but because she had made an absolute triumph of the moment, and enjoyed the freedom of being able to do so! In this context, it all made utter sense and gave rise to a certain bonding, such as I haven’t experienced in quite the same way since. The post-show party was an entirely relaxed, yet, highly elegant affair, with artists and guests mingling and dancing away until way into the wee, small post-24-hours hours!! I have no doubt that 10th anniversary celebration of this uniquely glitzy gala will be even more impressive, especially being held at the luxurious 5* Rosewood Hotel!

 Whilst embraced by glamour, The 24 Hour Plays model, is an ingenius medium, through which we are blessed to see expressed, what I believe to be at the foundation of all great experiences… At the root, is the courage to fly-by-the-seat-of-one’s-pants (be they of the exquisite YSL cigarette-silhouette, or a nonchalantly loose-legged, denim-flared DKNY variety), and to have faith that, not only is there potential for all of those experiences to come together for the good, but also, that these combined episodes, en-route, will contribute to an amazing ‘mosaic-of-moments’, which we, with true feeling, can all call ‘real life’.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to support The Old Vic by snapping up one of the few remaining tickets, getting your best bib ‘n’ tucker on and going… Black Cab, optional, of course!