Black Girl on the Front Row!


“Nothing To Lose”


There is nothing to lose,

in crying

scotch-bonnet tears.

Releasing decades,

plus years,

of, long-held, fears..

Nothing to lose,

by shaking it off

and away…

…every ounce of anger,

that ruined your day..

and stamped on your Life,

embossing its impact,

in acrid strife.

Nothing to lose,

in pouring 

the inventory

of your heart,

into a compartment,

marked, “Done”.

Nothing to run from.

Nothing can stun you.

No more,

are you living,



there’s so much to gain,


shouting at thunderstorms,

dancing, in rain,

with smiles,

in the face of chagrin.


there, really is, 

nothing to lose..


to let go,


is an,





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“Q & A”

Questions may remain unreconciled,


ensconced within the vaults of forever.

Words, unreleased,

may etch sentiment into the throat…

yet, answers are not guaranteed.

Silence will establish

unspoken bonds…

Impress upon the spirit

frequencies, to dial and collect

unuttered truths,

from beyond the clouds…

Unready for Now…

retained for future echoes…

where space, significant,

waits to hold that which vibrates,

with answers of your own.

Distinct solutions, borne of relative resonance,

lateral learning.

Resolution comes in comfort,

in those pliant arms of yours,

that cushion blows of the inevitable.

Stillness wholes the ‘whys’.

Such knowledge holds the wise.

Experience of goodbyes becomes

a holy guide…

… puts paid to guilt and condemnation,

full support is verified.

Trust of infinity unquantified,

leading to acceptance,

the response that liberates.

Whilst there, you’ll find your strength,

as your settling soul resides.


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“Touched By Magic”


everything was touched by magic,

kissed by mystery,

brushed by intrigue.

Just then,

everything shone with optimism,

shivered with hopefulness,

styled by living.

At once,

all was glorious,

overflowing jubilance,

overcoming brokenness.

Right then and there,

blinking back heartache,

all-consuming sadness

could no more progress.

In that same moment,

whispered somethings overcame,

with oil of certain gladness.

Pouring out the incomplete.

Draining away the unfulfilled.

Running off the unrequited.


everything was touch and real.

Shedding, had revealed a heart,

afresh, to feel.

Set in a seal of Love…

The magic, all along,

that time would pass


hurt would heal.


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“Know You’re North”

Delicately poised,

midst fortitude and faith.

An example of greater good

and hope, to so many.

Wide-eyed brilliance,

tempered, only, by hunger and thirst

for that which is right.

In upper and lower case,

no shift from authenticity.

No dilution of gift.

No diminution of the hundred percent.

Signalling determined destiny,

to hand out the helping heart

when shouts of ruby-red flare up,

breeding anticipation,

from those, in full glare

of such steady power.

For this,

and so much more,

know you’re north…

… that, in every hour,

 uncommon bliss, you share.


A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.


Has your back.

Forms a united front,

when taking sides with you.

Fighting for you.


Looking with eyes,

but seeing, with heart,

what is.

Divine consultation.

The vision is written,

in plain clarity.


From fragile wasteland to sentient paradise…

…No. Walking. Away.

Acceptance because of vulnerability.

Changing toxic discourse of lie-dentity,

Working through doubt,

with confidante efficacy.


Believes in you.

Inside and out.


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Past gravity and levity.


Into expanded brevity.


Expressed with positivity.


When all else reach their limit,

we are grown.

Yet, thrive, in continuity.


All-One in exclusivity.


At Peace, in Unity.


By Grace. Truth. Generosity.

Whether faced with reciprocity,

or not.

To give and give again,

with all we’ve got,

to Love,

from most profound,

to over-top…

To be the voice, in dignity.

That tone.

…Accumulates the notes,

to let you know that

you are



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“The Dream…”

Tell them the Dream.

From silence, bring it forth.

Walk in parables of Destiny

and talk, at length, of the circular rainbow.

Believe that ears will hear and hearts will understand

the Message,

from the good soil of your Spirit.

Tell them the Dream.

In all of its angry determination.

Call at every station of defiant ambition.

You have the unlimited ticket, which will take you beyond.

Reach it.

Lay it out there.

Be. The. Dream.

The mosaic of visionary influence.

The night-time imagery. The daytime clarity.

Be the Dream and the Landscape.

Change the atmosphere for others to breathe and live their own.

Be in the Dream.

Drape yourself in it.

Wrap yourself in golden finery and glow, like an imminent harvest.

Be the Dream

in the rapids of every tear that falls.

In the valley, see through their mist,

to the Truth of the depth…

You thrive at the core of possibility.


…time-step, with the precision of Astaire.

Jump steps and split-leap, with the courage of the Nicholas Brothers.

Land every part of what you imagine.

Answer the Call.

Dare it into being.

Till the earth of your celestial plan

and celebrate that you are a party

to the impossible, made real.

Oh, be your Dream…

and ever tell them.

Leave the nightmare behind in its own scream.



©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.




“Say Yes…”

Will your Heart and Soul say,


…To a future-perfect immensity,

lived in a present-imperfect world?

…To abandon, in sensitivity…

…nails bitten down the blackboard of disappointment…

and fine-point forgiveness,

to make your toes curl?

…To intense therapy of a consultation-in-touch…

…a ministry of such yielding to fireplace reconnaissance,

that moves you, forever, much…?

…To standing a hairs-breadth from later… at early hours,

never second-guessed…

first-in-line to bless and be blessed,

by affirmative power…

Will your Heart and Soul say, “Yes”,

to a finality of brushed consonants, encased in vowels,

conjoined, to make a new shade of blush…

…To a consternation of hush…

…a decluttering of no’s, insidious,

for a cluster of giftings and fruitful multiplication,

…lean-in to trust?

Will your Heart and Soul say

“Yes, to One-Plus….”



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Priceless thoughts are pennies from Heaven,

saved in memory-banks

of precious moments spent…

…changed-up into special editions,

released on such days as this,

where reminiscing costs nothing,

and triples in value.

In absence,

coined phrases count.

Echoes of embraces exchanged, elevate the heart-rate.

Collected calls, trading messages, are stock-piled in vocal notes,

to soothe the Soul.

Tracking personal interest

always reaped long-run rewards…


whilst short-term access cannot shift the temporal threshold,

treasured quotes of Mother’s Love still benefit the Spirit…

…exponentially appreciating,

as Eternity unfolds…


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“Friends In High Places…”

They flutter down from time to time.

Land upon lashes, riding raindrops.

En pointe precipitation,

to soothe sadness from the orbit of sorrow,

they ease the ache,

residing in the residual recollection of last looks,

before distance becomes 10 feet and real…

…gliding in upon wishes repeated and utterances prayed

in park-bench contemplation.

Wound tightly within auras,

they seal the firewall from falsehood, appearing vital.

Colouring in-between the cracks of giggles

and beyond the lines of whispers…

…they inhabit gestures…. grandiose and minute.

Time is their companion,

for they spring eternally and canon through

delights of infinite Creation.

Friends in High Places…

always travel light…

and are carried,

in Truth, on all faces.


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