“Living Journal…”


Living journal…

Breathing page,

I tell my secrets to.

Founded in rage or bitterest gall,

rooted in untapped ideals,

my joy,


to share all my feels

with you…

Listener of the highest grade.

Porous wall,

absorbing tennis balls of stress..

quietly amassing carbon copies


my love and happiness…

My mental scribbling and imagery,

I’m fearless to undress.

For there’s  no risk with you.

No need to rehash ‘now’ and ‘then’.

I simply turn the corner,

find you there,

the empty page,

who wants to know the chapters of my book…

and waits for me to write..

With purest clarity,

through morning, noon and night,

providing me with

deep compassion’s pen.



©A_F_R_O_W2019. All Rights Reserved.