‘Fight For Your Write!’

She’s fighting.

So, I’m writing.

As dis-ease dares to interrogate her…

whilst synthetic remedies drip-feed a path into her battling system,

she is static.

Defiantly resolute to winning-at-life….

Determined to witness bride and groom become man and wife.

She remains.

Mentally underpinning, against the depths of strife.

Each affirmative synapse declares ‘Health!’, as her heart makes way for them.

She will flash an intermittent, neon grin

and quote iridescent wordplay from comfort blankets,

to her newfound companions.

An age-old, gene-pool recalls her state.

United, at last, since ambition made them unfold.

Re-made from a superior mould, a new skin awaits…

Renewed physical vision reboots

reclamation of a renounced mission.

For she is relentless.

Smiles beyond the margins,

with Faith that colours outside the lines.

…And so,

I write…

Inking solidarity with a spirit that is sound.

Thinking, in agreement,

that the ‘all-clear’ of victory

will be heard.



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