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“One Giant Leap”


Somersaulting into day,

with obstacles,

mere, things of play,

that give you rise,

to jump ahead..


your confidence,

is supersized!

Embracing skating thin ice..

Navigating new routines,

with triple saltos,

of higher altitude.

Letting go of

what has been…

The result, of reaching out,

in optimism,

and stretching from

the top of your aura…

A multi-coloured prism,

the peak of your glow.

Sketching out

a brighter future,

with the permanent marker,

of your

iridescent energy flow.

You’re living life,

in the ascendancy…

at light-speed…

with authenticity,

your founding creed.


mischievous mental mountains,

in single bounds.

Making paradigm shifts

of positivity…

Flying over them,

where, once,

you used to, laboriously,


For now you know

it is the time,

to stride,

rather than step


see your limitations break.

You have no doubt…

one, giant

leap of Faith,

is all it, really, takes.




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“#SAVE The Last Dance…”

You will not leave.


offspring of Dvorak.


who distort fallen leaves,


in your vernal rendition,

your rich, Autumn rite.



who contort and convert the Now-century,


and crumpled in Krump,

gyroscopic and free…

… You, nymphs,

 who behold fawns of fashion,

whilst trashing the air of the après-midi,

causing blithe interference…

… Yes, you,

elvish synonyms,

interface rhythm,

Parisian protocols,

banking and flanking,

from left and from right,

as myriad moving material

slices through spotlight.


who transform Nature’s atmosphere,

piercing the raven-haired habitat,

writing in space with your form,

split the atom,

the norm,

as an army of classics, abstracted,

defy and define,

with news-worthy chronicles,

re-setting garments, to zig-zag convention,

re-dressing the balance

of how to keep cool,

when the weathervane indicates, ‘warm’.

You will not leave me.

You will not leave my mind’s eye.


living portals of dreams,

have affected my Soul,

with your

mischievous movement

and palette of


creative schemes.




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