In praise, of you,

I lift a prayer,

of reverence,

in deference,

to your, enlightened, presence.

For, you,

fill the air,

with Spirit,

Who defeats the darkness,

hanging there.

Denouncing it,


cast it down.

For, you,

are the destruction,

of its, prowling, motivation,

to rebuke the Good.

You, transform the mood.

Through you,

the atmosphere, is cleansed.

Hearts, broken,


For, your Love,

is pure.

You do not pretend.

Have no need,

to blend agendas,

nor, incentives,


And, with you,

I announce, “the Turn-Around”.

Declaring, that,


will turn out,

as it should…

from, Beginning,

through, Middle,

to, Everlasting, End.



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