“The Blessing”

by A_F_R_O_W

Thank you,

for not suppressing

the Blessing.

For confessing,


that which

Faith, Hope and Love mean,

through decompressing

your Soul.

For yielding control


the dreams,

on your Heart.

Thank you,

for, simply,

having the courage,

to start.

For sharing the secrets,

the how-to’s,

with others,

without spin.

Thank you,

for letting us in.

For fighting the impulse

to stay

in a comfort zone.

For going it,


with Grace and with Truth.

Thank you for owning it.

The Gifting,

in which you fit,

so perfectly.

Righteously giving,

of your special blend..

and defeating the urge,

to make a mere brand,

from the honour

of Living.

Thank you,

for leading the way.

For showing the passion

to keep digging in,

when many,

would choose not to stay.

Thank you,

for knowing the time

to move on,

when the growing,

from the present season,

is done

and committing,

to unknown horizons,

to help,

without need, for a reason.

Thank you,

for all that you are…


for all, that you do

The World,

would be less than,

if it were not present,

and filled,

with the Blessing

of you.



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