“The Secret Place”

by A_F_R_O_W


No time,

nor space,

for vanity,


triviality of Gifts,

intended to

heal rifts

and harmonise,

through Higher Truth..

The only frequency,

that sifts

the sacred wheat,

from hurtful husk.

Sheds light, on dawn,

from dusk,

of doubt.


the Secret Place,

the Tabernacle,

of Celestial Grace.

No rushing this.

Creative testimonial

we, now, embrace


trace our Reverence,

to an Eternal portal,

where Immortal reigned,

before the World began.

Before the seas took steps.

Before forests, yet,

had any depth.

Our treasured roots,

once slept..

But, then,

formation, it occurred..

of Spirit, Body, Soul and Mind,


His Infinite Word.



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