“The Reason”

For a reason,

do we wake, at night,

whilst others,

are at rest.

We are capturing new visions,

with which,

we have all been blessed.

For a reason,

do we wake up,

with an urge, to greet the day.

With a, deep-seated, desire,

to see dreams,

come out and play.

For a reason,

do we pace the ground,

processing every plan.

It is,

in the name of details”,

turning cannot”, into, can”.

For a reason,

are we overwhelmed,


until we cry…

Feeling stuck,

within the “wherefores”,

and the “what ifs”

and the “whys”.

For a reason,

do we take a breath,

until we realise,


these long lines of inquiry,

are solutions, in disguise.

For a reason,

do we practice,

do we mirror

and repeat.

We are searching

and fine-tuning,

every moment, every beat.

For a reason,

do we sing,

and act,

and dance,

and paint

and write.

We are living

our creative works

and giving,

with delight.

For a reason,

do we state that,

“It’s enough!” “Last time!” “The end!”

Then, proceed,

with more ambition,

for our ideas

to ascend!

For this reason,

we all do it,

as, a hand fits in a glove.

Call it passion,

or vocation.

There’s a reason,

it is




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