“Word Birth”

by A_F_R_O_W

Midwife of thought.

Birthing words,

from pools of pondering,

waterbaths of wondering.


poised and ready,

to catch the unsteady,

from title,

to, totally finished,

and usher it,


a towel of page.

Wrapping the newborn,

in swaddling sentences,

warming and nursing

each, cooing, response,

with old-fangled eloquence..

Perfect, imperfect,

for lexical life,

in a new-fashioned age.

This one,

is nascent.

Sent here,

with narrative, in every breath.

She will continue creating,


with a conscious method,

to scribe the authentic…

… to release her cry,

from the yielded,

cathartic Heart…


raised to profess,

for the rest of her Life,

she will translate the Heavenlies..

..interpreting the

true meaning of Love.

From this,

she will never depart.



All Rights Reserved.