by A_F_R_O_W


that you are loved.

As you lay awake,

before the steps

of your new day,

you take,

know this Truth,

that will not break.


that you are adored.

You leave

the constellations floored,


from their

lofty carpet,

they observe,

how you endure,

increasingly, more.

Remember this.

You are,

undeniably, magnificent.

You can not be ignored.

As shadows appear,

have no fear.

For you are meant

to be here.

You are revered.

Sea vessels,

change the course

they’ve steered,

to catch a glimpse,

of your Essence…

Paint the plimsoll line,

just to float

at your level.

Revel in it.

As the breezes

sweep the dust of dusk,

to view the finery

of your

Divinely-decorated Spirit,

know this….

…The World

and all Creation,

long, to dive

your depth..

and marvel

at the profundity

of your stillness,

within it.



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