“Come Fly With Me”

by A_F_R_O_W


Come fly with me.

We’ll pack our dreams

and quarantine,

in pristine prose

and fanciful poetry.

Let’s fly away…


dressed, in kaftans,

and denim cut-offs,

we’ll slide into

tropical mists

and mellow revelry…

…collaborate on monologues,

bursting with

slick one-liners

and lovers’ trysts…

We’ll write,


by hand..

leave behind the blogs,

on internet islands,

like digital castaways.

Let’s hit the beach!

Search for treasure,

in the

thesaurus of sand…

Dive into the ocean,

divising plays,

from barrel-waves of

memories and secrets,


on salty sea-spray…


as the sun is setting…

let’s turn our written words,

to celebrate the day,

with spoken affirmation…

combined conversation…

in sweet anticipation

of brand new inspiration,

scintillating content,

and Divine communication,

as they taxi,

on the tarmac,

find arrivals,

through the fast-track..

in the limo,

to our joined imagination,

they are, swiftly,

whisked away.



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