“Earth Angel”

by A_F_R_O_W



beyond recognition,

this World.

 I am sent,

on a Mission.

To end the foetal position,

in response,

to perpetually,

heinous decisions.


with ways to raise the bar,

bring the Global Vision

of Love and Peace,

closer, to where we are..

Closer to Home,

to close the door,

against infraction

and insidious,


of Life.

I am come,

to quell strife,

from a Supernatural Source,

where twinkling stars,


do not bear the course,

to Freedom…

… but vessels, crafted,


of precious flesh and bone,

are bonded and designed.

I am one,


with awe and wondrous splendour.

I am part of Humankind.

My skin is dark.

A bold reminder,

of the rich variety,

of hues,

whose walking liners,


Celestial sparks.

My Heart beats,

for Collective,

for Community,

for solidarity of Soulful exchange.

I bear my cross each day,

with passion.

Unconditional Love,

that is not rationed.

My desire that

the Good Will Out,

is fire,

burning to express,

that I am equal.

No rival. No sequel.

I am, truly, blessed..

… given every reason,

to have stillness and contentment,


before I sleep,

I undress.




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