“Out With The Old”


Old narratives die hard.

They come for you,

swing at you,


left and right,

without warning.

No greeting card.


merge and mutate

what is true,


all that you know,

has become a false prophet.

The Ego bears down,

to give birth

to a self-centred mindset.

For sure,

to be bold, in the wisdom,


you must make time,

to get to know ‘you’,

is no crime.

But some storylines,

have no rhythm,

no rhyme,

no reason,

except, to

destroy, steal and kill,

what awaits,

in your pre-ordained Destiny.

No longer hissing,

they sidewind their way,

with a cunning depravity.

Just as you seek to be new,

old habits,

old narratives,

bind altogether,

to format a crew.

The cure,

to unlock and unblock

these insidious notions?

Stop feeding them.

Stop fuelling commotion.


You are made from Higher Energy.

Born to vibrate

at a Superhuman frequency.


resist the negative tendencies..

Resist them all…

and they will,

most assuredly,




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