“All Dressed Up…”

by A_F_R_O_W

All dressed up,

with Nowhere to go…

All made-up

and glamorous.


I have no destination,

I’ll still meet me

at the station,

of my sofa…

Yes, my couch…

In my ballgown,

I shall slouch!

In my kitten heels,

I’ll purr…

Laced in scent,

that I prefer…

Drenched in jewellery

that shines,

as I’m dressed-up, to-the-nines…


I’m ready for my close-up,

at all hours of the day…

Who needs ‘night-time’?

Who needs ‘going out’?

Indoors, I can still slay…

Inside, I am still ‘front row’…

Still ‘work it’, in repose…

Still elegant.

Still chilling out.

Red wine, champagne, who knows?!


I am, fully, fabulous,

without the need to,

take the bus,

nor ride the train,

nor hail a cab…

No need to check my face,

nor dab

the maquillage, that I’ve applied,

for my house-do,

from the inside…

I’m glad I’m here…

No-one to see…


to be alone,

with me!!!



©A_F_R_O_W2020 All Rights Reserved