“She Knows…”


She knows

what you’re doing,

from your head to your toes…


How you feel,

when you face the crowd,

when the noise is loud..

and you have to

hold it together,

like stone-cold steel.


She’s there,

as the accolades come…

and you want to reach out to her,

call her at home.


She can sense it.


When defences are low.

She protects you.


She’s Mum.


In your voice,

on the stage…

She’s the heart

of your flow.


How could it not be so?



she’s gone ahead,

but her Spirit is everywhere…


She can be anywhere,

so she will always be there…


walking beside you,

wherever in life

you may





© A_F_R_O_W2019. All Rights Reserved.