Give me the people

who nobody wants,

whom life

seems to taunt


endlessly haunt.

Give me the ones

who have

no Voice,

or Hope…

… who can’t seem to cope.

The ones who

feel loveless,

who don’t have

a choice.

Or so, it would seem.

Give me them.

I’ll help them to


To beam,

from the inside…

… to release the scream,

that drowns out wellbeing,

fuels low self-esteem.

I am for them.

I see them.

I know who they are.

Undeniably gifted.

They just need the chance

for their Souls

to be lifted.

I’m with you.

Come back home to me.

Find rest


be blessed…

and be,






©A_F_R_O_W2019. All Rights Reserved.