Black Girl on the Front Row!

“In Key…”


Some hear tapping.

An endless barrage.

I hear music, through my keys.

Typing rainbows.

Endless ribbons of rhythm.

Clause combinations,

through every season.

Pausing to collect

the rhyme and then


Not burdened by sense…

when, where or why…

Let meaning be met

by the heart.

Forget the compulsion to

try and decipher,

from wheresoever you start

to engage.

I love each cyclical stage.

I love every beat of the words

on my page.



©A_F_R_O_W2019. All Rights Reserved.

“Of The Day…”


Of the day,

I am not.


Of it,

I am not.


Nor, of restless night.


Spot me,

risen stealth.


I am Light.


Plain sight,



split, from






Wisdom is my wealth.




©A_F_R_O_W2019. All Rights Reserved.







… And…

when it comes…

when it is real,

it falls,

at once,

like silent steel… presses on

toward the goal,

like tide-defying,

rainbow shoal…

… it comes,

ambition, left aside,


when ego died…

… remembering,

how not to hurt,

how not to sting,

but be alert…

… the work has, yet, been done..

it’s only just begun.




©A_F_R_O_W2019. All Rights Reserved.