Don’t. Fit. In.

Fit-out your Life,

with Divine Purpose.

Change civilizations,

in one breath of determination.

Shout the mountain

down to its knees,

until it submits, into an avalanche.

From all angles,

every degree,

branch out!

Flick the dominoes,

in direction of your Destiny.

Run ahead,

watch them fall,

in surrender to the monumental.

Stun the world,

with what you have to give,

from your Heavenly head,

to your trailblazing toes.

Who cares, who else knows?

They’ll discover,

when necessary.

Contrary to those,


who only live for

the outer glow.

They’re an allout, no-show.

Cannot quantify

that which moves you, so.

Or, how you grow.

The effort seems less,

yet more comes,

because, what you do,

is flow.


you put in the hours,

cultivate seeds you sow,


a Power, beyond where you are,

is the root to your fruit…

…and the Truth, is reflective,

of rolling the sleeves of your Soul up,

way up,

way past your elbow.

Every tear is your testimony.

Message through mess.

With your lessons, you bless.

You’re. All. In.

To Life,

you’re no novice.

Whatever it deals,

you defeat, with a grin.

Pain, is a platter,

you eat and you spin.

Spit wisdom,

then, spit out

what no longer matters.

I get you.

I got you.

I mean it.

I don’t mean to flatter.

Seen, or unseen,

out of sight, means reliance

on insight.

It’s not rocket science…

Surprise you?

I just might…

by joining you…

walking at Peace

and at one,

with you…

Doubting released,

by graceful intent

and gracious defiance.



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