Revealing one’s tenderest depths.

A heart-song,

in state of undress.

Acute recollection,

en route to perfection,

in past-historic time.

Engaging your partners-in-rhyme,

each line, by meticulous line.

Such a sign,

of courageous endeavour,

to open a treasured,

emotional process.

Would others so do?

So, confess?

I silently, surely, cry



it’s not about being “too cool”,

nor, a strategy, to “take you in”,

to manipulate,

go beneath skin,

by feigning, “clever”…

It’s pure and it’s humble…

… inspires us all,

to share, from profundity,


just how we feel.

It’s authentic…

It’s touchingly, real…

… and,

this is what brings us,

and binds us,

so tightly, together…

… in Love and Respect,

for Now and Forever.



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