Black Girl on the Front Row!

“Let’s Get Lost…”

Let’s get lost,

with Chet Baker in mind…

… and wander around in fascination,

for some while….

… find ways to exchange currency of cultural evolution,

as we pound the pavements of fair Londinium!

Let’s cut-a-dash,

as finery of footfall,

with the silken swagger of Paul Smith suit-wearers,

and Converse,

as we talk.

Why not pause and reflect, on Maddox Street…

and wonder…

… how hyperrealism makes you look, on repeat,

in doubt of your own human status…

… How the naïve maturity of an Opie line,

defines the crisp colour-work,

… how staggered prisms recline.

What make you of the Moebius “Marilyn”?

No trademark bubble,

no pink, to blush in…

just the merest hint of matte rouge,

and roll-neck, en noir…

… but piercing eyes, blue…

… crystalline, stinging, compelling,

up close and afar,

that seize you with X-Ray precision…

Like yours…

Let’s go to Bel Air…

let’s make that decision to breathe in the truth of Pétrus,

cast in bronze,

with karate-chop curvature…

… How the medium moves to defy

any ocular sensor.


¡Si, pero fabuloso…

… yo quiero comprarlo, por favor!

Before we can process,

let’s accept invites to descend into ordered confusion.

Where walled icons rally with sculptural volleys…

and we play bystanders,

with ground passes,

game for meandering…

… Letting the artistry set matching doubles,

of musculature mapped-out in marble…

Marvel at mirrored maquettes, in full bloom…

… at the gentle dichotomy,

carving the room with uncovered,

and still, under wraps…

Let us project that the next private viewing

will shout,

“Yes!”, “No!”,

maybe influence a shrug….

Let’s hit the road again,

laugh and unload our collated refrain

and transpose its profundity,

let it all happen,

as we, two, get lost in a hug.


©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.

“Q & A”

Questions may remain unreconciled,


ensconced within the vaults of forever.

Words, unreleased,

may etch sentiment into the throat…

yet, answers are not guaranteed.

Silence will establish

unspoken bonds…

Impress upon the spirit

frequencies, to dial and collect

unuttered truths,

from beyond the clouds…

Unready for Now…

retained for future echoes…

where space, significant,

waits to hold that which vibrates,

with answers of your own.

Distinct solutions, borne of relative resonance,

lateral learning.

Resolution comes in comfort,

in those pliant arms of yours,

that cushion blows of the inevitable.

Stillness wholes the ‘whys’.

Such knowledge holds the wise.

Experience of goodbyes becomes

a holy guide…

… puts paid to guilt and condemnation,

full support is verified.

Trust of infinity unquantified,

leading to acceptance,

the response that liberates.

Whilst there, you’ll find your strength,

as your settling soul resides.


©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.