“Touched By Magic”

by A_F_R_O_W


everything was touched by magic,

kissed by mystery,

brushed by intrigue.

Just then,

everything shone with optimism,

shivered with hopefulness,

styled by living.

At once,

all was glorious,

overflowing jubilance,

overcoming brokenness.

Right then and there,

blinking back heartache,

all-consuming sadness

could no more progress.

In that same moment,

whispered somethings overcame,

with oil of certain gladness.

Pouring out the incomplete.

Draining away the unfulfilled.

Running off the unrequited.


everything was touch and real.

Shedding, had revealed a heart,

afresh, to feel.

Set in a seal of Love…

The magic, all along,

that time would pass


hurt would heal.


©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.