“North Star”

by A_F_R_O_W

You are my North Star.

Perpendicular strength, through Ages.

You are rocked by none.

My galaxy of Wisdom.

My odyssey of emotions.

Your voice,

the ointment to my heartache.

The Everlasting arms,

to cradle me through lows

and loft me to highs.

I remember,

enduring moonbeams of eye contact…

…how firebrand-Love was etched into my neural pathways,

formed by distinct determinants

of leading, mentoring, truth-telling.

Walking me forward, just like you talked it.

Laughter tinkled the ivories of your rearing repertoire.

Sweet tea and cake, your call to arms,

if threats to Peace took hold

within our dwelling.

You were brewed to be Strong.


you were, are and always will be

the land, wherein I make my Home.

Security, now Eternity…

… I see you hold court in your mansion.

I live life, like it’s golden,

because you coloured it so boldly…

and go,

where, before, I have never been.

You are constant.

The Star,

with top billing,

upon my internal movie screen…

…all Monroe-matinée looks, as you had on this plane.

No longer tired.

Light as the air you inhabit.


as I stir my mental cup, filled to the brim with you,

spilling over, in my brain,

 I sit…

…dedicate morning moments

to the magic of our connection

and, by Grace,

always feel your Presence and Protection

coming through,

as the most Divine, angelic refrain…

never more Real… more True.


©A_F_R_O_W2018 All Rights Reserved