“The Dream…”

by A_F_R_O_W

Tell them the Dream.

From silence, bring it forth.

Walk in parables of Destiny

and talk, at length, of the circular rainbow.

Believe that ears will hear and hearts will understand

the Message,

from the good soil of your Spirit.

Tell them the Dream.

In all of its angry determination.

Call at every station of defiant ambition.

You have the unlimited ticket, which will take you beyond.

Reach it.

Lay it out there.

Be. The. Dream.

The mosaic of visionary influence.

The night-time imagery. The daytime clarity.

Be the Dream and the Landscape.

Change the atmosphere for others to breathe and live their own.

Be in the Dream.

Drape yourself in it.

Wrap yourself in golden finery and glow, like an imminent harvest.

Be the Dream

in the rapids of every tear that falls.

In the valley, see through their mist,

to the Truth of the depth…

You thrive at the core of possibility.


…time-step, with the precision of Astaire.

Jump steps and split-leap, with the courage of the Nicholas Brothers.

Land every part of what you imagine.

Answer the Call.

Dare it into being.

Till the earth of your celestial plan

and celebrate that you are a party

to the impossible, made real.

Oh, be your Dream…

and ever tell them.

Leave the nightmare behind in its own scream.



©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.