I believe in you….

by A_F_R_O_W

….I want you to know that you can do it….

…To know that you are so special… so gifted… so unique….

No matter what time of day, month, year, decade…

Wherever we might sit upon the timeline of Eternity Past, Present or Future… nothing changes about the fact that you have a truly idiosyncratic reason for being here.

Things and notions may be added and will be subtracted from all that you acquire and achieve… Know that they cannot define you. Know that they cannot contain the free Spirit with which you exist, in order to express your Purpose.

Be prepared that some may not understand what it is that you do.

They might wonder why you have taken a route which, to them, constitutes ‘the soft option’… Be prepared that they might be the people whom you think should know you better, with whom you’ve shared the deepest moments of your Process…

…but FEAR NOT!

Stick. To. Your. Program!

Maintain your grace and keep on moving…

Get understanding, by processing constructive information…

Decipher and translate it into your practice, because that element of Process, is an accolade beyond anything material, which can be reclaimed.


Believe in your life, before you see it, just as you do the sunrise.

Be aware of the fact that the journey is yours to experience and only you can fulfil your distinct Destiny. Resist the pressure to fulfil another’s…but, be it in collaboration with others or, at times, upon your own island, remember that your bespoke contribution can, does and will, at the very least and most, change something and someone.

Be a stormy revolution or a quiet storm…

but remember that you have an eye, which has been designed for a specific vision. Focus-pull on it.

You are worth every ounce of effort and stillness… every iota of life and love rendered through you… from your core to your skin…

I encourage you to take each step at a time and plug into peace… Revel in the empowerment of momentary solitude, the oneness which facilitates recharge and reflection.

In advance of all that you learn, share, achieve, fulfil… I applaud you.

For maintaining the courage of your creative convictions… I respect you

It has always been, and always shall be, an intense and absolute privilege, to be a witness to your inspirational ingenuity and enterprise…

At the dawning of 2018, I wish you a year of ever-broadening horizons, of greater revelation and manifestation of all you are to be….

…and may you continue to be embraced by love, courage, joy, peace and prosperity…

Writing, in definitive belief of you all…

x Afrow x



©A_F_R_O_W2018-2019. All Rights Reserved.