LFW Day Two Highlight: Corner-Shop Chic from Ashish!

Perfect timing or what? On the very day that the government announced a new 5 pence charge on plastic bags, Ashish decided to boldly go where no bag, plastic or otherwise, had gone before in this year’s London Fashion Week, by sending a super-embellished version down the runway!

The label did not disappoint in being a one-stop shop for all that makes LFW the quirky, idiosyncratic stand-alone event which, not only the fashion cognoscenti, but the world has come to know, love and expect.

From topping and tailing the show with male and female models, the entire collection was a funkadelic rainbow-palette of creative expression, confidently stomped on every pass to the best soundtrack of the week thus far…Voodoo Ray was just one of the genius top-notes in a hypnotic homage of 90’s nostalgia used to complement perfectly the array of apparel on offer, which included super-slashed trousers and logo-laden tops taken to hyper-sequinned heights.

As fashion shows go, Ashish gave more than than a presentation of pieces… It was a unique example of how to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and celebrate it raucously! I don’t think I’ll ever look at a carrier-bag in the same way again!